An overview of all Bonisa Mission projects.
The projects are comprised of Training, Church, Literature, Education and Diaconal categories.

Heidelberg Catechism CD
Project 2021-127
Needed $ 36,000

Preparation and distribution of audible, digital and printed media to spread the Puritan Reformed literature. Portions of the Heidelberg and Westminster Catechisms, the Ten Commandments, Apostles Creed and Pilgrim’s Progress, as well as Puritan articles are posted on social media, distributed via a network of church groups and via internet. Appropriate feedback is given to responses to resources. Some of these materials are used as training material under the minorities. They are developing electronic means to transmit the course information. In 2020 a family devotion based on the Westminster shorter catechism was sent out, as was a new series of devotions, called “Training Hearts, Teaching Minds”.

Bible Stories Leaders Handout
Project 2021-128
Needed $ 10,000

There is a great requirement to provide sound Reformed instruction and information to the growing churches in China. This Bible Story Handout provides Biblical instruction to the children of the young churches. The splitting up of churches into small groups makes it very important to distribute audio players with handouts to guide the group leaders. Many Sunday school teachers have requested Biblical teaching materials. The project will consist of developing 383 lessons based on Mrs. G. Ingwersen’s Bible Stories for both children and adults. Handouts and corresponding audios in a player will be developed for each story. The structure provides for 60-minute lessons.

Audible Puritan Literature
Project 2021-129
Needed $ 34,000

Preparation and distribution of audible, digital and printed media. Portions of the Heidelberg and Westminster Catechisms, the Ten Commandments, Apostles Creed, Pilgrim’s Progress as well as Puritan articles are posted on social media, distributed via a network of church groups and via internet. Responses are monitored and dealt with. Some of these materials are used as training material under the minorities. Several of Frans Bakker’s books are being distributed as well. In 2020 a new series of devotions based on the Westminster Shorter Catechism was made available.

Mission Trips to Lisu - Miao - Wei and Zang
Project 2021-130
Needed $ 5,200

There is a great need to educate children from the Bible, provide supporting Reformed literature and transmit basic Biblical values. The Bible, Heidelberg and Westminster Catechisms, the Ten Commandments, the Apostles’ Creed and Pilgrim’s Progress are being used as the main resources. Bible Stories for Children, a copy of the Pilgrim’s Progress for children and other VBS resource materials and the necessary training will be provided. Five workers will be trained for minority ministry. The Audio Players are also given out and training on their use is given. 4 Mission trips to the different minority groups are being planned.

Seminary Support
Project 2021-132-134
Needed $ 66,000

These projects aim to provide support for ongoing Reformed Theological teaching and to expend the existing library of sound Reformed resources for theological students. Since students are quite spread out, 8 graduates will be appointed to provide part-time tutoring to locally guide the students.Instructors are teaching courses to expound the Reformed Doctrine to the theological students and church leaders. It will also provide an opportunity for networking.

Digital Library Access
Project 2021-135
Needed $ 13,000

The churches have grown rapidly but need to be grounded more deeply in the Reformed truth. Instruction of church leaders is required. An online library using Logos resources has been provided.

School and Education
Project 2021-140
Needed $ 48,000

This project is for creating more classrooms and covering rent and furnishings.For their middle school, they want to start a science lab and research library in another apartment this year, which would also mean costs for rent and equipment. They also want to continue with their Christian Education Research and continue to work on Chinese language materials.

Bible Mission
Project 2021-142
Needed $ 30,000

Utilizing a mobile telephone Bible app, our mission is to make available and encourage the Chinese population to read, listen, study, meditate and live out God’s word, and to equip the church with high-quality Bible study materials and tools with innovative technology and design.

Christian School Association
Project 2021-145
Needed $ 10,000

The focus of our strategy currently will be by providing helpful guidance and resources for 3-M School, including how to teach from Scriptures. The 3-M School Model - Mini, Multi-grade, and Multi-Subject, i.e., one teacher teaching a small number of students from different grade levels in one room multiple subjects.

Printing of Books
Project 2021-150
Needed $ 34,000

There is a great need for Reformed Experiential Literature in the growing churches in China. There are good English Puritan materials available and willingness to receive them by the churches. Both, printed and electronic versions of the books will be supplied through a network of contacts. The following books are currently being edited: The Lord’s Supper by Thomas Watson, Faith Seeking Assurance by Anthony Burgess, The Calling of the Ministry by William Perkins, The Heart of Christ by Thomas Goodwin, The Godly Man’s Picture by Thomas Watson, Godly Sorrow by Gerard Wisse.

Autism Project
Project 2021-154
Needed $ 50,000

Bonisa provides financial aid for this Community Centre that targets lower/middle class families of children with autism and provides access to therapy, support and a loving community. On-the-job training for staff is provided. The affected children receive individualized intervention, and the center is acknowledged by society as a place of acceptance, understanding, professionalism and excellence.

Rehabilitation Centres
Project 2021-155-157
Needed $ 77,000

These projects will finance the wages of the staff and provide for the medical care and needs of patients with cerebral palsy or patients recovering from a stroke. The needed therapy cannot be accessed from the remote mountainous areas. Caregivers are being trained in basic rehabilitation skills to support the daily care of these children. Support is also given for surgical work on patients with burns or cleft lip and palate.Workshops are organized for caregivers peer support group in order to encourage them to be healthy caregivers.

Medical Project
Project 2021-156
Needed $ 20,000

The project will finance the wages of the staff and provide for the medical care and needs of patients and orphans in a Medical Services Clinic. The clinic serves those who cannot afford to pay. Additionally, some Chinese physicians receive training and education in providing trustworthy, compassionate, western-based health care. Local Chinese are helped to develop a spirit of compassion by serving the poor and marginalized.

Fruit Vitamins and Support
Project 2021-160
Needed $ 5,700

Minority children living in the remote mountain areas do not have ready access to schools. This project will provide for the wages of a teacher to provide teaching and homework guidance to about 90 underprivileged children. The project also provides fruit, water and vitamins to students that attend the morning or evening programs.

Seminary Student THM Support
Project 2021-141-170
Needed $ 22,000

These project entails subsidizing the possibility for preachers to further their studies to obtain a THM degree.

Student Support - Books
Project 2021-171-180
Needed $ 15,000

Bonisa has developed a plan to provide books to theological and college students attending one of the seminaries. There is a great need to provide theological and college students with Reformed literature. From across China, theological and college students come to the seminary to obtain preacher or Christian school teacher training. Bonisa will cover the costs of Puritan Reformed books for students.

Digital Book Distribution
Project 2021-190
Needed $ 10,000

The churches have grown rapidly but need to be grounded in the truth. An efficient way is to provide translated Christian literature with a focus on Reformed Christian teaching and training. There are good materials available and willingness to receive them by churches. This project focuses on distributing this literature through electronic means.Bonisa is working on getting a digital book website up and running which is freely available for people to make use of. The website is mostly in Chinese with English subtitles.

Pregnancy Support
Project 2021-196
Needed $ 20,000

In this project Bonisa is supporting an agency that since 2010 focuses on prolife in China. Prolife work is an urgent need in this country seeing that China suffers the second highest abortion rate in the world with 36% of all known pregnancies ending in abortions. This agency, together with local Christian leaders, have trained pastors in over 40 cities in biblical prolife ethics. They teach the Biblical worldview of human life to see abortion guilt and grief as an entry point for the Gospel’s offer of forgiveness and freedom. Educational materials related to biblical bioethics, prolife apologetics and pregnancy and fetal health will be designed and distributed. Bioethical and practical training to community leaders is provided in established local based, pregnancy crisis intervention services.

Seminary Student PHD Support
Project 2021-210
Needed $ 26,000

These project entails subsidizing the possibility for qualified preachers to further their studies to become teaching professors in CRTS.


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