An overview of all Bonisa Mission projects.
The projects are comprised of Training, Church, Literature, Education and Diaconal categories.

Heidelberg Catechism CD
Project 2019-127
Needed $ 38,000

The Heidelberg Catechism, the Shorter Westminster Confession and the Psalms were made available as spoken word on a CD in last year’s project. There is need for audio and video players to spread these audible Reformed doctrines to the Christians in China. CD contents will be transferred onto the audio players with additional Reformed literature.

Audible Puritan Literature
Project 2019-129
Needed $ 30,000

Preparation and distribution of audible, digital and printed media. Portions of the Heidelberg Catechism, the Westminster Catechism, the Ten Commandments, Apostles Creed, Pilgrim’s Progress as well as Puritan articles are posted on social media, distributed via churches and computer. Responses are monitored and dealt with. Some of these materials are used as training material under the minorities. Several of Frans Bakker’s books are being distributed as well.

Mission Trips to Lisu - Miao - Wei and Zang
Project 2019-130
Needed $ 10,000

In areas that have no Christian Schools, there is a great need to transmit basic Biblical values and educate children from the Bible and provide supporting Reformed literature. The Bible and Pilgrim’s Progress will be used as the main resources. We will supply a copy of the Pilgrim’s Progress for children and other Vacation Bible School resource materials. Some Bible Camps for youth and children are being organized. Five missionary workers will be trained for minority ministry as well.

Digital Library and Equipment
Project 2019-132
Needed $ 36,000

This project aims to establish a digital library of sound Reformed resources for theological students who are in preacher training. The project will also provide a computer, bookshelves and desks for the library.

Seminary Student Support
Project 2019-110-111-114-133-170-171
Needed $ 126,000

Bonisa covers the costs of Puritan Reformed books for seminary students in different areas. These students receive a set of 24 books. Needy students also receive help with tuition and living expenses while they live away from home to study.

Literature for Church Libraries
Project 2019-137
Needed $ 10,000

The churches have grown rapidly but need to be grounded more deeply in the truth. An efficient way is to provide translated Christian literature with a focus on Reformed Christian teaching and training. Books from various publishers will be supplied to individual churches. Recommended books to distribute include authors as John Calvin, John Bunyan, Matthew Henry, Brakel, Ryle, etc.

Seminary or College Instructors
Project 2019-138
Needed $ 40,000

Instructors have been requested by the seminary and the college to teach courses to expound the Reformed Doctrine to the theological students, Christian school teachers and church leaders. Bonisa will cover some of the costs involved.

Literature Promotion
Project 2019-139
Needed $ 33,333

Bonisa will cover 50% of the price of various approved books that will be sold to individuals, lay preachers or house churches by a network of contacts.

Reformed School Library Equipment
Project 2019-140
Needed $ 30,000

There is a need to provide Christian School Education for the local Reformed Churches. Funds are needed for equipment of classrooms, a library and to provide computers.

Professor Support
Project 2019-142
Needed $ 10,000

This project will help in providing funds for the basic needs of a reformed professor and his family. This man wrote some influential articles, translates books and courses. He is considered one of the best translators in reformed theology.

Translating Reformed Experiential Literature
Project 2019-144-146-147
Needed $ 46,000

There is a great need for Reformed Experiential literature in the growing churches in China. Through a network of contacts, the following books and/or the electronic versions of these books are being distributed to individuals, lay people and house churches: F. Bakker: The Everlasting Word, G. Bilkes: Memoirs of the Way Home and Glory Veiled and Unveiled.

Christian School Association
Project 2019-145
Needed $ 25,000

This project aims to forward the China Christian school development work through providing digital and online resources for and work with development of curriculum, policies, teacher training and school review committees to further the work. Continue to open opportunities for high school graduates of Christian schools who wish to pursue university studies in western countries, with the purpose of returning to China as a Christian school teacher.

Autism Project
Project 2019-154
Needed $ 32,000

Bonisa provides financial aid for this Community Centre that targets lower/middle class families of children with autism (1% of the population under 14 years). This Centre provides access to therapy, support and a loving community. The affected children receive individualized intervention and the centre is acknowledged by society as a place of acceptance, understanding, professionalism and excellence.

Rehabilitation Centres
Project 2019-155-157
Needed $ 62,333

This project will finance the wages of the staff and provide for the medical care and needs of patients with cerebral palsy or patients recovering from a stroke. The needed therapy is not available for poor families in mountainous areas. Caregivers are being trained in basic rehab skills to support the daily care of these children. Surgical work is also being performed on patients with burns or cleft lip and palate.

Medical Support
Project 2019-156
Needed $ 14,667

This project will help the poor and marginalized of the city and region who cannot afford access to the local health care system. Willing Chinese physicians receive training and education in providing trustworthy, compassionate, western-based health care.

Study and Nutrition Support for Children
Project 2019-160
Needed $ 5,333

Children living in the remote mountain areas do not have ready access to schools. This project will provide for the wages of a teacher to provide teaching and homework guidance to about 90 underprivileged children. This project also provides fruit, water and vitamins to students that attend the morning or evening programs.

Family Support
Project 2019-195
Needed $ 30,000

This project provides support for someone who oversees and develops missionary work among unreached minorities.


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