An overview of all Bonisa Mission projects.
The projects are comprised of Training, Church, Literature, Education and Diaconal categories.


PROJECT 2023-31
NEEDED $ 5,000

This project supports training among the minorities. It includes leadership, advise and mentoring for the remote churches.


PROJECT 2023-128
NEEDED $ 10,000

This Bible Story project provides Biblical instruction to the children of the young churches. The splitting up of churches into small groups makes it very important to distribute these lessons with handouts to guide the group leaders. Many Sunday school teachers have requested Biblical teaching materials. The project will consist of developing 383 lessons based on Mrs. G. Ingwersen’s Bible Stories for both children and adults which is available in Chinese. Already 130 lessons have been prepared and distributed to churches and parents, as well as put on a Bible app and social media.


PROJECT 2023-129
NEEDED $ 46,000

This project supports the preparation and distribution of audible, digital and printed media. Portions of the Heidelberg and Westminster Catechisms, the Ten Commandments, Apostles Creed, Pilgrim’s Progress, Confessions by Augustine as well as Puritan articles are posted on social media, distributed via a network of church groups and via internet. Responses are monitored and dealt with. Some of these materials are used as training material under the minorities. Several of Frans Bakker’s books are being distributed as well. Audio resources are also made into videos so they can be uploaded on YouTube.


PROJECT 2023-131
NEEDED $ 34,000

This project is to support a church and school which have been in particularly difficult circumstances over the past years. By God’s grace they have been upheld and are in the process of rebuilding. The church provides tuition relief for needy families and is also developing Chinese textbooks which can be used by other Christian schools as well. Presently there is active support for one church in particular, but there may come more opportunities to help other churches in the future as well.


PROJECT 2023-132-136
NEEDED $ 107,000

These projects aim to provide support for ongoing Reformed theological teaching and to expand the existing library of sound Reformed resources for theological students. Since students are quite spread out, eight graduates are appointed to provide part-time tutoring and mentorship to local groups of students. There are also technology expenses to facilitate online learning methods. Instructors from our support base are teaching online courses to expound Reformed Doctrine to theological students and church leaders there.


PROJECT 2023-137-171
NEEDED $ 15,000

These projects support the provision of Reformed Christian literature for theological students. These students will receive a set of eighteen books by authors such as John Calvin, Martin Luther, Jonathan Edwards, John Bunyan, Wilhelmus a Brakel, J.C. Ryle, Herman Bavinck and others. These projects will cover the costs of eighty sets of books.


PROJECT 2023-140
NEEDED $ 40,000

There is a need to provide Christian School Education for the local Reformed churches. In 2022 the school operated in 4 locations with 4 classes, grades 1 to 8, 1 class for Junior Middle School and 1 class for Junior High. Once a week they come together for Physical Education and fellowship. This project entails costs for facilities, teachers, textbooks, supplies, training and furnishings. Local churches will also take part in providing funds for the different aspects of the education.


PROJECT 2023-141-170
NEEDED $ 10,000

This project entails providing funds (tuition, residency costs and food) for the training of pastors to further their studies in obtaining a theology degree to equip them to be a seminary professor.The seminaries operate in different countries and the studies currently need to be completed online, although recently some students have returned to campus. The students often become instructors of other men preparing for ministry. There is a great need for Reformed, educated preachers.


PROJECT 2023-142
NEEDED $ 55,000

In the last years it has become very difficult to obtain a physical copy of the Word of God in a reliable translation. To promote the distribution of the Bible in digital format, an app has been developed that provides the Word of God online in the Chinese language. The app comes in an easy-to-read, high-quality format and is freely accessible to the public in China. Our mission is to encourage the Chinese population to read, listen, study, meditate and live out God’s word, and to equip the church with high-quality Bible study materials and tools with innovative technology and design. Although this project is mainly about the Bible app, it is also used as a platform for other digital books, e.g. The Everlasting Word by Rev. F. Bakker.


PROJECT 2023-143
NEEDED $ 30,000

This 100-page-per-issue church magazine includes helpful Biblical material for lay-people, and good instruction for general church life, e.g. the role of elders. Four magazines were published in 2022. Some of the covered themes included Perseverance of the Saints and Contemporary Implications of Repentance. Is it encouraging to see that the magazine has an average of 150,000 pdf downloads per issue and over a 1,000,000 visits per year.


PROJECT 2023-144
NEEDED $ 25,000

Many Chinese Christians are teaching children in small schools or in homeschool settings. This project supports the many courageous parents and educators by developing a high quality, Bible-based curriculum, specifically designed for these types of educational settings. This curriculum is comprised of 105 integrated units including student textbooks, teacher guides, sample lesson plans and accompanying teacher training videos.


PROJECT 2023-145
NEEDED $ 7,500

Due to the current situation, it is important to keep Christian schooling out of the public view. The current strategy is to have a teacher teach small numbers of students in different grade levels across multiple subjects. Teachers and schools are continuing to use digital resources like Bible Doctrine books and other needed Christian material, whether they be on Biblical Marriage, the History of Redemption, the Lord’s Prayer, or the Beatitudes, etc. This project helps provide educational support for Christian Schools as well as provide opportunities for students to attend Western schools and universities, since it is difficult if not impossible for graduates from underground schools to attend a Chinese university.


PROJECT 2023-147
NEEDED $ 25,000

The book “Looking unto Jesus” by the Puritan author Isaac Ambrose will be published and distributed digitally, given the ongoing challenges involved in printing hard-copy books in China. Desiring to see many Chinese led (further) into the knowledge of Christ, Bonisa Mission has begun translating this 715-page treasury into Chinese.


PROJECT 2023-148
NEEDED $ 36,000

Petrus van Mastricht wrote many theological works. His best known one is his Theoretical-Practical Theology. It was published in Latin, then translated into Dutch. Recently a new edition in 6 volumes totaling 4400 pages has been published in Dutch, and it is currently being translated into English and Korean. Now, Bonisa is privileged to support its translation into Chinese. This is a massive undertaking, but it is well worth the effort. For now, this project entails the translation, editing, digital publication of 3 of the volumes and the printing of hard copies of this work.


PROJECT 2023-149
NEEDED $ 80,000

This project entails the translation and editing of eleven books. Included are Six Sermons on Galatians 2:21 by Robert Trail, Aggravation of Sin by Thomas Goodwin, Gospel fear by Jeremiah Burroughs, Crucifixion with Christ by J.C. Philpot and Heaven on Earth by Thomas Brooks.


PROJECT 2023-150
NEEDED $ 50,000

There is a great need for Reformed Experiential Literature in the growing churches in China. There are good English Puritan materials available and willingness to receive them by the churches. Both printed and electronic versions of the books will be supplied to individuals, lay preachers or house churches through a network of contacts. The project entails the printing of 5000 copies of the following books, which are in the editing stage.: Faith Seeking Assurance by Anthony Burgess, The Heart of Christ by Thomas Goodwin and Letters of Samuel Rutherford.


PROJECT 2023-154
NEEDED $ 45,000

One of the projects Bonisa currently supports is a rehab center for children located in Southern China. The purpose of this center is to serve special needs children and their families by providing access to therapy, special education, and loving support to those who would otherwise lack these resources. This center is highly regarded by the local community for its excellence and professionalism. The children enrolled have a medical condition, like cerebral palsy, autism, or other developmental delays. On-the-job training for staff is provided. The affected children receive individualized intervention. Some children have learned to walk and speak their first words with the assistance of these dedicated volunteers. Caregivers are also taught how to help their children at home. This rehab center is staffed by a network of volunteers from nearby churches. They see this as an opportunity to serve their neighbors and when possible, share the truths of the Word of God with these children and their families.


PROJECT 2023-155
NEEDED $ 45,000

These projects will finance the wages of the staff and provide for the medical care and needs of patients with cerebral palsy or patients recovering from a stroke. The needed therapy cannot be accessed from the remote mountainous areas. Caregivers are being trained in basic rehabilitation skills to support the daily care of these children. Support is also given for surgical work on patients with burns or cleft lip and palate. Workshops are organized for caregivers peer support group in order to encourage them to be healthy caregivers.


PROJECT 2023-156-158
NEEDED $ 59,000

These projects will finance the wages of the staff and provide for the medical care and needs of patients and orphans in a Medical Services Clinic. The clinic serves the poor and the marginalized in the area, who cannot afford to pay for medical care. Additionally, some Chinese physicians receive training and education in providing trustworthy, compassionate, western-based health care. The workers are dedicated Christians who desire to be a light in a dark world.These projects will also finance the travel expenses of previous staff to provide mentoring and reporting for the medical car operations and administration needs of the medical clinic.


PROJECT 2023-157
NEEDED $ 16,000

The Chinese population is aging dramatically. The proportion of the population aged 60 years and over is 18%, whereas 20 years ago it was just over 10%, and it is expected to climb to over 26% in the next ten years. Major concerns include the increase in heart disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia and immobility. Modifiable factors linked to these conditions include physical inactivity, smoking, alcohol consumption, dietary risks and obesity. To address these needs, Health Education and Health Promotion (HELP) for elderly was started. The project operates in a community where 24% of the people are over 60 years old. The project seeks to improve the knowledge on healthy aging and promotes a healthy lifestyle. It also builds a friendly peer support among seniors. Monthly health lectures are given and reinforced by bi-monthly small group activities. Monthly home visits to homes open possibilities to share the gospel which testifies of the need for and gift of true life that sickness cannot ruin. The project will finance the wages of the staff and cover the costs of lectures and home visits.


PROJECT 2023-190
NEEDED $ 5,000

A website has been designed with the goal of distributing sound Christian literature in the Chinese language. The books included have a focus on Reformed Christian teaching and training, many of which have been translated from other languages. We feel that making these materials available via PDF/E-book is the most efficient means for this purpose. The books included on this website are available free of charge and have been translated and published via donated funds. We hope that the books on this website will be used by God’s grace to the strengthening and edification of the Church in China and the conversion of many souls.


PROJECT 2023-196
NEEDED $ 40,000

Bonisa has recently begun supporting a prolife organization in China. This organization provides training for house-church leaders and pregnancy support counselors. Training areas include Biblical bioethics, prolife apologetics, and pregnancy crisis intervention services. Prolife counseling and pregnancy support is desperately needed in China, where an estimated 9.7 million abortions that occurred this year alone. While the prior one-child policy is no longer in effect, abortions continue at shockingly high rates due to social and financial factors. The staff of this organization teach the trainees a Biblical worldview regarding the value of human life. Amazingly, this organization has already provided training for over 48,000 house church leaders. For some women who have already had an abortion, the guilt and grief experienced has been an entry point for counselors to speak of the offer of the Gospel of forgiveness for sinners.